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Sometimes you don’t need to look any further than your closet to create your own unique style. Why spend thousands of dollars on shopping sprees, when you can discover the hidden treasures tucked away in your closet?

A stylist can show you how to reinterpret, refresh and rejuvenate your existing wardrobe. Whether you’re getting over a break-up, suiting up for a power interview or just looking for a confidence boost, Shari can help your wardrobe go from tired to inspired.

“I find it a creative challenge when people have full closets and say they have nothing to wear. That’s when I get busy making new outfits and unique looks from existing long-loved pieces. With a fresh eye and a few new items, we can reinterpret your classics. Often clients have not worn something for years and never think to reintroduce it. They’re shocked by how much I can update their look using their existing wardrobe.”

The spotlight is entirely on you, in the comfort of your own home. Shari’s goal is to redefine your signature style based on your personality, lifestyle, self-expression, interests, and goals. She will help you learn how to embrace & frame your best self from head to toe. You will also learn some useful fashion tools that will help you take control of your style long after our consult.

Your “Shop In Your Closet” Experience includes:

This L.A. Style Experience suits: 1 person (For women, men, teens)