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If you love the thrill of the hunt, this is the tour for you. Put on those walking shoes. Grab a huge shopping bag and an extra-strength double cappuccino.

We're on a mission!

Downtown L.A. is an urban shopping experience not for the timid. This is the terrain of Hollywood stylists, wholesale buyers and adventurous fashionistas.

With her experienced eye, fashion savvy and shrewd negotiating skills, Shari or one of her trained stylists turn bargain hunting into an art form. She navigates back alleys, spots hidden treasures and tracks down cutting edge accessories you might never find on your own for an outfit you already have at home.

Of course, the real thrill of the hunt is that you can shop 'till you drop. And, not drop much cash.

Your "Downtown Shopping Safari" includes:

1-5 people
Larger group bookings available upon request
(For men, women, couples, teens)