You can't help bit like Shari's style
You can't help bit like Shari's style


Shari Geffen is part of that rare tribe: the native Angelinos. And, like the city she grew up in, she's a study in contrasts.This uptown/downtown girl has traveled the world. Yet, she's as much at home in a working ranch as she is in an Italian castle. Shari's a little Old Hollywood royalty and a little new age hipster. You won't meet anyone more down to earth or up on fashion. You name it, she's done it with style.

"She has dressed celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Dustin Hoffman, …and the list goes on.

An image-maker for television and movie stars, recording artists and studio heads, she has styled and produced album covers, movie posters, fashion editorials, and international photo shoots. She produced global campaigns for CAA and Coca Cola. Shari has worked with some of the best photographers in the world. Credits also include fashion editor, costume designer, and photo publicist for network television. She was awarded a gold record for her innovative marketing concept which was also featured on the front page of Billboard."

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